My grandfather, Michel Nassif, founded the company in 1907.
He was a gifted scientist who was blessed with intuition, curiosity and imagination - qualities which helped him launch and build the business.
His son Raymond Nassif, my father, became CEO in 1945.
He was a more pragmatic character than his father, but shared his qualities of imagination and intuition.
I became CEO in 2013.
I like to think I’ve inherited their imaginative and pragmatic instincts - and hopefully added one or two of my own.

Our family company is now in its 114th year.
In that period there have been the usual highs and lows which all businesses experience.
It has survived two world wars, the Lebanese civil war, various crises and the recent Covid-19 crisis.
But despite these significant problems Michel Nassif & Fils is well placed for continued success.

We believe there are several reasons for this happy state of affairs. For me, however, there is nothing quite so rewarding as listening to a happy customer expressing satisfaction at the product and service our company has provided.
Here’s an example of what I mean.

I was returning home on foot one day.
It was at a time when the port of Beirut had been closed for a while due to a security alert.
I heard my name being called and I noticed a lady some distance ahead of me.
‘Monsieur Nassif, Monsieur Nassif’, she cried.
‘Yes Madame, how may I help?’
‘I just want to thank you, Monsieur Nassif.
You see, my son is lactose intolerant and you are the only company that seems to have managed to ensure a regular supply of lactose intolerance products whilst the Port has been closed.
So thanks to you my son is able to drink and enjoy the Bjorg Soja he needs.’

Moments like these make it all worthwhile!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to talk to me/us or require further information.

Thank you

We will get back to you soon.